My Daddy

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Re: My Daddy

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((((Hugs))) Kitty ....

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Re: My Daddy

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I am so sad for your loss. Sending thoughts for peace & comfort.

It is with profound sadness that I am telling all of you here on the forum, that my daddy passed this morning at about 10:30 AM
I was with him all morning and my DD came in about 20 minutes before he passed.
It was very peaceful, thank the Good Lord
I held his hand, talked to him about my mom and brothers, told him it was okay and that I would be okay and he was gone.

I am beyond sad and feeling a little disoriented, it will take me awhile to find my new normal.

Thank you to all for holding us up in thoughts and prayer.


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Re: My Daddy

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So sorry for your loss.

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Re: My Daddy

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Dear Kitty,

I just read the post about your father passing. I am so sorry. You were a wonderful daughter and friend to your father. I know you will miss him tremendously; but, he will always be with you. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re: My Daddy

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Oh, Kitty - I'm so sad to hear about the passing of your Daddy. My Daddy has been gone for 18 months and I miss him as if it just happened. Sometimes, I could swear I hear his voice... Everyday he'd say "I miss my Alice:. (My mother who has been gone for nine years.)

I have no words of wisdom for you but I will pray that you achieve some sense of peace of heart, mind and soul.
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