Daily Check In June 15, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In June 15, 2019

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Got one sewing project done and was going to start the second. That is when I realized I just might have cut out the wrong size. I decided to do the other three cut out projects first.

It is misting out right now, a full out rain would be much better. We will take what we get however.

Off to do some more knitting.

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Re: Daily Check In June 15, 2019

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Hi Everyone,

Late check-in for me, but had to see what everyone had been up to during the day. I have been in busy mode all day after getting up at 8:30, hungry as could be. Fixed myself two nice fried eggs, and a couple pieces of bacon. I should have fried all of it, but I had no intentions of staying up at 8:30 on a Saturday Morning. Next get up time was 10:30.

I had a few groceries to pick up at 2:00 at Walmart and I had ordered a Pioneer Woman Vinegar and Oil Pitchers that came in yesterday. I went a little early planning on running into the on-line pickup station to get my package. I pulled in to my slot and phoned them that I was there to pick up my groceries and to my surprise they said, "you also have an on-line order to pick up". I told the young man I was talking to that when I got my groceries loaded that I would run in to get it it. He said, "Mam I will bring it out with the groceries if you would like me too". Of course, I said "please do that" and he did. Excellent customer service.

Kitty, I got all the ingredients to make your salad and I will be doing that tomorrow. It was so beautiful outside today that after I picked up the groceries I spent time in the garage area organizing and cleaning. It was a little to hot for me to finish up my shrub trimming, but I am finished except for 3 and it looks so nice. I almost waited to long to trim back my azaleas and they were a mess, had gotten way to tall. I clip the daylights out of them and now we'll see if I've killed them.

I was really proud of my yard after I finished trimming, mowed yesterday it looked to nice. With all the rain everything is so pretty and normally we look like dried up prunes this time of year. I can say something nice about the rain. :lol: :lol:

Janet thank you for those kind words about me being a good cook and an inspiration to you, you made my day. You are an inspiration to me as well, I think about you working 10 minutes and sitting down to rest and that motivates me to get off my rear end and do more.

I am planning on going to church tomorrow if the rain stays away.

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