Do you buy furniture to last decades?

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Re: Do you buy furniture to last decades?

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I don't tire of my style because it's eclectic. We received a lot of hand-me-down furniture from the estate of DH's parents that dated from the 1920s to the 1980s and it fit right in with our stuff. The theme we have going, such as it is, is Mission Lite plus some antiques plus some clean lines of mid-century Modern. Not the trendy outer-space stuff, but nice simple things.

I still have the double dresser with mirror I bought after college for $75. It was marked down because one of the delivery men in the furniture store scraped the trim at the bottom with a hand truck. I sanded out the spot, touched it up and have been using it every day since 1984.

Because we have dogs, our sofas are leather and they have been worth repairing. The set that came from Macy's a dozen or so years ago needed a repair to the frame after DS flopped on it. He's a big guy. The leather still looks great, though.

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