Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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mbrudnic wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:21 pm
I have Rokus on both TV's. I have Amazon Prime and subscribe to Philo ( to get most of the cable TV stations I like.

My brother has a Plex server which serves up Movies and TV shows he has recorded using the DVR function. He records a couple of shows at my requests. He set up my Roku to access his server.

I also have an antenna. I am in the perfect position to be able to get over-the-air broadcasts from 2 cities that are 50 miles apart. So I have a lot of options.
Roku, cbs,hula and yesterday signed up for Philo. We share them with daughters family. Haven’t figured Philo out yet, but sounds good. 7 day free trial.

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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clemencia2us wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:30 pm
I'm tired of this DirectV thing

Thinking of getting one of these.

I do have a smart tv - still in the box - lol

Any opinions?
Clem, you are probably thinking of Hulu Live which is different from regular Hulu. It includes 50-60 streaming channels including most of the popular ones like Hallmark (I think), the broadcast channels, news channels, ESPN etc. One negative is that does not include PBS but there are ways around that. My Roku has a separate PBS app so your smart tv probably does also. A lot of programming is free but you get more past programming if you are a member of a PBS station. (I have contributed a small amount monthly to PBS for awhile and this is one perk.)

My good friend’s DH got sick of dealing with the cable company at the end of last year and they have Hulu Live and like it. They are big sports fans and all of that is included. They have a home theater plus several other TVs and pay the one price, no extra boxes. (I know the TV in their home theater is a smart tv, not sure about the others.) Hulu Live includes a DVR-like service and I believe that is included, too. I signed up for the free, one-week trial of Hulu Live during the Winter Olympics in order to get NBCsn and liked it but I didn’t explore it a lot, stuck to NBCsn.

YouTube and Playstation Vue are similar to Hulu Live with 50-60 channels. Each costs $40-$50/month. Sling TV is similar but I’ve heard the quality is not great. The one Maggie mentioned, Philo, is also similar at a much cheaper price but does not include quite a few channels including NBCsn and Bravo. I believe it does include Hallmark.

Take your smart tv instructions out and look them over. Good luck. (I have no TV except Amazon Prime and do not miss it. I do use the PBS app, too.)

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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Thanks everyone.

I started reading up on it and it was getting confusing! I think my main task for next week is to finally get that tv out of the box and set it up.

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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I have a smart tv and along with my android box I can get Netflix, amazon prime and a couple of other streaming programs, if I choose to get them.

Not all Smart TV's are created equal, you will need to check out what you can get on yours before you make a decision on what else to go with it.

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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The bottom line is that with a smart TV you don't need a "box" of any kind. You can get app on your TV for most of the streaming programs. If not, you can get an amazon fire stick for forty dollars and plug it into your TV and literally get every streaming program known to man (all of course, which it's own price tag). Everything from a utube pay per view to HBO streaming to sports streaming.

No one can have them all so you just have to look through the offerings and see which ones you think will have the most stuff you would really watch and go from there. Its actually frightening how much stouff there is available. I have 20 series on my watch list on both Amazon and Netflix and we all know I will probably never get all those shows watched.

Because, you!

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Re: Does anyone use Hulo or Roku for their tv service

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We use Roku and love it! We've had it about 3 years, maybe 4.

We use Netflix and YouTube the most, but dh also loves the movie channels, and dd6 loves her Pinkalicious on PBS too.

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