Daily Check in Aug 16, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 16, 2019

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Good afternoon everyone,

I haven't checked in for quite a while but all has been well. It's great to be able to check off a lot of our summer projects. We had our garden shed roof shingled and have painted the shed doors with some outdoor Oops stain from Home Depot. It only cost a dollar and matches the deck boards quite well - just a little darker. But it matches the shingle colour really well so doesn't stand out at all!

Yesterday I didn't feel well and went to bed really early. I hardly ate anything for dinner - just an apple and some ginger tea. Dh and dd fended for themselves. Today I feel much better and was able to get some things accomplished - picked up our travel documents from the travel agency, booked an excursion each in Barcelona, Rome and London (I like knowing what it costs in Canadian dollars - am also allowed to cancel with 24 hours notice) and made a quick shop to Walmart for groceries and puffy envelopes. I also did some never ending watering/deheading of the flowers and have sorted some laundry in preparation for tomorrow. Now I think I should go clean the ensuite bathroom before I have to think about dinner preparation.


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Re: Daily Check in Aug 16, 2019

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Boy is it warm out here in south texas!

It has been over 100 degrees for the last week and looks like that will continue until September!

Today i realized how lucky i am. First i only leave the house in the morning to go walk. Yes, it is warm out there, but not too bad. I come home and even if i go outside around here, it isn't that bad. I have large pecan and oak trees around the yard. Amazing how much they help.

We did go to lunch today. A new place in an old building alongside the highway. No trees or grass around. Wow - very warm even inside. I had left my car at a friends house. When i got off to leave, we chatted for a while - again - not trees around her place. Sheesh very warm. Thank goodness for nice shady trees.

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