Daily Check In August 19, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by rinty »


Up bright and late after fretting and DS fussing. Took DS to an early showing of The Playmobil Movie. Success !!! Well, he has played with the stuff for over 25 years not really surprised. gave him Mcds for lunch.............cos one thing about a Devon beach, they ain't no fast food chains down there.............bliss, your kids want Burger King, Mcds, KFC, Starbucks etc............well, it isn't there. Eat in a pub or a nice NONE CHAIN café. MUCH better, so I didn't mind getting him some nuggets today ;)

I am ON IT today, before going to the cinema I had phoned and got through to someone who gave us an extended doctors appointment for next week when DS is back at the carers. I will be going as well. The doctors could have argued that as Ds is an adult I could not have access to everything I got but ( wisely ) they decided agreeing with me was their best call. I haven't yet told the carers............they get paid after all and he shouldn't have needed this appointment, should he.

Realised that doing 7 washloads and the dog towels today meant an unbeleiveable amount of ironing. :shock: Such is life. DS is parked in front of a boxed set of vintage Sesame St so I can keep an eye on him whilst ironing.

Nipped out leaving him with DH and bought new towels, ours looked shameful. These will NOT be around when DS is here. I actually threw out 2 from the caravan. they looked like they already came from a doggy day care after a week down there and I was DONE.

Yesterday I filled some of our old crockery bowls with homegrown raspberries as a ( literal ) sweetener then gave themt o the Old Folks alongside a BIG shopper full of beans and courgettes. " Yellow Courgettes, Mrs Rinty ????" " Yes, Indeed Mrs Old Person, you'll love them......" and I was off down the driveway and AWAY ;)

MORE VEggie stuff for dinner , alongside a fruit coulis made form raspberries and possibly blackberries which we had yesterday. Lovely and tart , perfect with ice cream.

I am pleased at what has been done and that the activities for DS have worked as well as we could expect, realistically.

Saw Handmaids Tale yesterday, its the episode where she kills the evil commander so it SHOULD have been exciting but for the fact that Every Single Character WHISPERS or MUMBLES all the time. DH asked me how I could stand it as we kept looking at each other and asking " what did they say ?"

Two hours at least of ironing await me OR DS paperwork. I'll iron. DH is strimming and digging at the allotment. Ds eyes are rolling in his head he is so tired.

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good Morning ...
Summery here after last night's storm. We may see more rain today. I'm a bit sore, too...
Jackie, I'm encouraging DH to grill something once a week or so. Might as well get our use out of it 😉
Rinty, we have resorted to closed captioning on some shows.
Gayle, (((hugs))).
So, today, more things on the to-do lists. Did get some paperwork/business out of the way. DH will take car to tire store today ... Has been put off ...

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Going to be another hot, muggy day . . . no coloring group for me outdoors today. Looks like we'll get a break for a couple of days by the weekend when weather will be in the high 70s, low 80s.

Almost finished my chores for today. Did another food inventory yesterday. As one of the local stores has boneless chicken breasts for $1.59/lb, decided to cook up the 6 I have in various ways and buy fresh before the prices change on Friday.

Niece was SO depressed yesterday, wrote me another note asking how she could cut the time to pay off her credit card. I guess she thought I was going to offer to pay it for her (she asked her mother previously if she thought I would pay it off for her and my sister told her no because I wasn't working any more), but NOPE - - the aunt who doesn't exist unless she needs money did not take the bait completely. As I had felt she didn't get a fair shake with the car loan she got stuck paying for because I honestly feel they sold the car for more than they told her and that she got a raw deal at the last job she was terminated from. I told her I would give her $50 a month towards the car payment and another $25 for the credit card. I told her I'd give her another $25 towards the credit card so instead of 35 months to pay it off, it will take 25. She later told her mother that she would go with that and pay it off when her tax refund came in next year. She should suffer a bit. She needs to find out that SHE has to pay her own bills and not me or her mother.

Well, I guess I'm off to the races. Have a great day all.

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Managed to get my morning walk in. Hubby is starting one of his wine kits, I have watered the garden (well my portion of the gardening...flowers ;) ) cleaned the sinks and counters in the kitchen, am on the second last load of laundry, did kitty litter patrol. Having a coffee break and then it is back to work.

Actually things are moving along nicely even though I am still pretty achy.

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Did my four miles. Got all sweaty and feel great.

Now to relax for a couple of hours and then go do laundry!

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In August 19, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

2nd attempt at posting, I had a lovely long post and the site went wonky...poof it was gone.

the fiancé came thru with more luscious sweet corn, we ended up with 37 dozen ears cut from the cob=33 quart bags in freezer! And it was free, we shall share the wealth.

Hoping the tomatoes come on strong soon as we want to get together and do lots of juice. It is fun for all of us girls together and make a big mess with a great ending of lots of juice.

I moved the large maple desk out of the house yesterday, too big and had become a catch-all. Will get it to someone who will use it to it's potential. Next to go is the Victorian fainting couch...sorry Rinty, it has to go. LOL

We had quite a thunder and lightning show last night, sky was kiwi green and the humidity was like pea soup,ugh. not a lot of rain here but other areas got over 3 inches.

Off to do floors and some laundry.

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