Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

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Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Dear friends,

Wide awake I am again at just past 3am!! ☹️

This time because EVERYTHING HURTS! Well not everything, just my chest, belly, and left side, particularly my hip—the storm system from yesterday (major wet snow fell on the mountains) is still making itself known.
Plus my muscles ache from lack of use, now I’m using them more and that’s not helping either. I cannot have baths yet, otherwise I’d have Epsom Salts baths Every Night to help with the soreness.

I’m past impatient with this healing process, now I’m at unhappily frustrated!! So yesterday when I was feeling pretty good, I pushed myself Way Too Much—my children kept telling me to go sit or lay down, but I didn't listen. As a result, I’ve spent much of the night awake in severe pain.
Dd6 didn't help the process any by her night terrors, to the point where Dh tucked her in our bed in the only available spot, between his & my feet—she kicked us off & on until midnight-ish when he carried her to bed.
I tried very hard to hold still, but my hip hurts So Much to where I was imagining all kinds of awful reasons why. So I got up finally to take pain relievers, but came out to kitchen to eat something with them (Tylenol & ibuprofen work great together) to keep my tummy happy.

I also went grocery shopping with a friend yesterday and didn't rest much when I got home.

Am feeling tired, will try for sleep now; I’ve got 3 hours until my alarm goes off before boys are up to go to school.
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Re: Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
Gayle, why is it so hard to do what is best for ourselves? You need to rest and heal. I need to get out of my home and exercise and socialize. May we both do better.

Good Morning folks,
Last night I found myself in a funk again/still. I am not really satisfied with where I am right now and it is hard to see what sort of outside influence might change that. So it will have to come from inside. I am finding it hard to do things to get me out of this rut.

So I will go peruse meetup.com and see if anything sparks my interest. I am also determined to go to the Y after work.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Dear Gayle, I agree with Maggie. Please rest and heal. As always, in my thoughts and prayers. My deepest hope, Maggie, that something will appear on the horizon and you can say "that's it"

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Re: Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Tuesday morning all,

It has been a rainy weekend and rainy Monday. But clearing skies are promised soon. I am behind on the laundry since I hang clothes out on the line. But maybe today. Hubs has his annual doctor appointment. It is a bit of a trip and in the afternoon when traffic is a bit worse.

Today should be a walking day with the neighbor. Temperature is in the mid 70's. I hope we can get in a long walk. My knee isn't bad this morning, but not re-healed from hurting it a couple of weeks ago, dragging that large fallen limb to the street. Well, I didn't know it would re-hurt it.

I tried the shampoo/pinecone ginger as a shampoo. Fantastic. I walked down to the neighbor who wanted me to try it and she couldn't believe how soft and shiny and full my hair was. She is going to try in too. Obviously, I need to buy some pinecone ginger plants and grow some of my own shampoo.

Normal frugal activities here. No ac required. Saving water. Growing a fall/winter garden.

Today, I am grateful that my blessings are greater than my problems. Have a frugal and happy day all.

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Re: Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,
Maggie, I get it...sometimes I get to feeling like "is this all there is to life" but for me the feeling doesn't last too long . I love to read and clean house so if I just get busy doing something it helps. It has been much worse for me after my daddy died .I know it is grief . I could have been the poster-child for "Daddy's girl" LOL
I hope you find something that sparks an intense interest for you very soon.

I have the youngest grand again today, she is a good kid, but so busy....LOL. and the weather is crappy so spending time outside is out of the question. Lots of crafty stuff and paste will be used today....they use glue sticks at school...she didn't even know what white school paste looked like!

Yesterdays high winds brought down a lot of sticks and leaves....future clean up for me. I will hire the major leaf blowing clean up again this year. It was so worth it.

Off to start my day,

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Re: Daily Check-in Oct 22, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Another frosty morning here, I will be putting on my winter coat when I head out for my morning walk.

The election is over here (well not in some peoples minds) and I am pretty relieved that it is done and dusted. Of course the complaints and whining will continue, but hopefully a bit more muted. Some of the people here in the West threatened to separate from the rest of Canada if they didn't get their way and that changed nothing. If we hold a referendum to do exactly that, I know which way most of my immediate family will vote, the rest is a tossup unless they really use their noggins (sometimes I wonder if some of them have a brain).

Frugally speaking this will be another no spend day (kind of enjoying being back in the swing of things), and another use up the excess food in the fridge freezer kind of day.

I will also be working in the sewing/craft room. I managed to get a skirt sewn on Sunday and today hopefully will get a pair of pants sewn. I have pulled out the next cut out patterns to do (another and top) which will leave me only a summer shift dress to sew. Then I can cut out those Christmas gifts and be that much closer to being done all Christmas makes (knowing me I will find something else to make for the sons or Hubby).

Balls and skeins of yarn are being used up in the construction of my temperature blanket. I do still have lots of single balls and skeins to use so perhaps a striped afghan or prayer shawl is in order (got to collect all those partial and single balls to use them up).

Frugal exercise will of course be the walking. I am just managing the 11k steps some days. Hopefully this will get easier to reach each day.

Decluttering will be taking place (I did manage to remove a few more items yesterday before prayer shawl ministry) and I am getting very close to the 500 item mark. I still have the rest of the year to do so.

Supper tonight is going to be leftover ham made into a casserole along with a cucumber salad.

Today I am grateful that I and my Hubby have everything we need or want.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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