Daily Check in Oct 24, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 24, 2019

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rinty wrote:
Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:36 pm
Day Off today and , not going to lie, its been BLISS. yes there was a ton to get done and a 100 mile round trip but , hey, what a nice day ;) I saw lots of my old students, it was great, also checked in on DS, he was a happy chappy with his " mates " and blanked me..........until he realised I'd brought him a donut ;)

I was also gifted a bottle of prosecco for no earthly reason...........sweet of them though.


So good to cross things off, Done, Done and Done. And once I was home around 3pm DH and I pottered off to food shop for the Onslaught/I mean Visiting Guests ;) DH had noted the shoebox for charity and wanted to do one for an adult ( they give them to the elderly as well) So I had raided the gift stash for some small gifts suitable for a man and we got toiletries as requested as well as a pack of 4 pair of thick warm socks and a LARGE bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk.

I'd told DH how touched I had been at some of the filled boxes we've had handed in. They aren't sealed so you can check nothing inappropriate has been put in. Well, some of our poorer students have done boxes............lump in throat time. I had said to DH about that too and we bought more sweets to stash in those boxes and more stocking fillas to fill up those boxes too.

Dinner was yellow sticker salmon which was gorgeous and yellow sticker dill and lemon sauce which was NOT. Yick.

Creative glad you are now a cruise convert ! can't beat a cruise ! I can't remember where you visited in Greece ? Greek cruising is our fav. We like Katakolon ( for Olympia ) and Santorini island best. I always keep a travel diary too.

DH has gone to bed early, he is looking weary, I've been chatting away and texting. I had planne don ironing all evening but , oh well.

I have kept a list and enjoyed crossing things off today. Need to get stuff done in the morning but I'll be home bustling away by lunchtime.

WE rearranged the freezer and meal planned. Tomorrow is a small chicken which will also be stir fry with yellow sticker stuff on Saturday. Might make some cookies for the toddlers or better yet let them at the kitchen Saturday themselves, should work, they are great with playdo. Tomorrow also involves hiding all toys not suitable for them...Lego, Playmobil etc and they can spread those suckers over a VERY WIDE area and I'll be hoovering them up for days.

For our Americna dinner guests, I have bought some silly Englsih food items we used to tease the young sister missionary about when she was here ( we fed her a LOT , she was very young and homesick ) I have a TON of Union Jack flags and scrapbook paper with uniquely Britsih themes and I wrapped them up in those as little gifts.

My spelling is atrocious , I must be tired too so off to bed. It was bliss when the alarm went off this morning and I could turn it off and just snore :D

Edited to add. SAw the funniest thing in the supermarket in the toy aisle. A dad was distracted and his two children , a small girl and her big brother of about 6 were having it away with a large 4ft cuddly dinosaur. We had looked at it................a deal at £25 !..........but these two couldn't leave it alone. Dad was oblivious and at the end this tiny girl had it IN HER TEETH ( so funny, it would have made a great video ) dragging it into the next aisle on its side............she never made a sound either she just PLAYED that thing to DEATH. I really hope Santa was watching cos she really loved that thing.
Rinty we were only in Greece for one day. Dh and I opted for the HopOn HopOff bus. We made a couple of stops. One was at Mon Repos where Prince Phillip was supposedly raised as a child. It is currently mainly a museum, which was free for us since we were there on a Saturday. The shady grounds were an oasis on a very hot summery day! We also stopped at Old Town where there is an ancient fort. We climbed to the top and discovered what appeared to be a very isolated beach! We made our way to the pebbly beach and met a very nice English couple around our age who have property in Greece. The woman had been snorkeling. I had my bathing suit packed, she suggested I go to the yacht club washroom to change (which I did) and had my one and only swim in the Mediterranean Sea. It was crystal clear and gorgeous there - only problem was the very rocky beach to the water. You really needed water shoes. It was painful in bare feet but I did it anyway. Water temperature was warm and I had no hesitation at all going in. Certainly a different experience from Lake Superior!

People in Greece and Montenegro seem to worship the sun though! Saw a lot who looked like they had been sunbathing for hours. Only place we saw topless sunbathers was in Greece. All very much older women who looked like withered old prunes according to dh! Not part of our culture and neither of us felt comfortable with it!


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Re: Daily Check in Oct 24, 2019

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Creative bet the leathery old dears were holidaying Brits ;) Brits go nuts for sunbathing , never wear enough sunscreen.

WE did something similar in Corfu. I confess I like to get a drink and a snack in somewhere local and authentic even though all meals are included on the ship. Nothing like a Greek salad in Greece !

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 24, 2019

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Its partly that DH and I are saying , no more Mr Nice Guy and being VERY authorative re Toms care.

We've had a apt for his MRI results and that's in a few weeks........now if it had been anything very sinister ( which I was frightened of ) they wouldn't let us wait that long so taking a breather there

Also, I lack confidence work wise and this year has been nothing but encouraging and positive re my Mad Skillz ( which has been a wonderful ego boost ) Of course, life being life that's meant I get labelled the Reliable One which means a lot of work but that's okay. If I hated it, I'd just leave and sit home and stare at DH.

He'd like that.


Anyway LittleMiss you look after yourself, I do think a NICE cleaning lady who was pleasant and who wouldn't take the mickey would be an asset.

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