Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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Jackielou wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:13 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

It is above freezing this morning and actually get to be well above the high temperatures we have had lately. I plan on taking advantage of that by having my usual walk this morning, and perhaps even having a smaller walk this afternoon. Then we are right back to having ugly cold weather. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sun shines even on those cold days.

I have a doctor appointment mid morning. I need to get the papers to have my yearly blood work done, and then I will make an appointment for approximately two weeks away to have my yearly physical done. I even have my dental cleaning sometime next month.

Bible study is over now until Lent. Truth is I don't think I will lead another one. It just isn't me and really there are too many leaders to begin with so unless the studies are split or leaders split into two groups, there is no need to have so many. If I go back on this decision I will just lead at one of the two sessions, not both. That takes up way too much time.

Frugal happenings around here today will be going for my daily walk (did not hit 11k steps yesterday, close but just did not happen), work around the house cleaning the oven, working on projects (sewing and knitting) and perhaps making that trip to the library on the way back from the doctors.

Yesterday I actually did not sew at all, but did manage to find a few more projects to add to my next project goal list. I want to see if I have a pattern for what I really need. If not my first new project goal will be to search the internet for a pattern or if I am unlucky enough not to find one try and make my own (that could be a big problem, not good at drafting here). I still have lots of project goals on my list so this may take a bit longer to achieve.

Supper tonight is going to be either tuna cakes or a casserole (I do have a new one I would like to try). We will also finish off the Greek Salad I made last night.

Today I am grateful that everything seems to be back to normal once again.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Jackie , I'm so sorry that study didn't work for you. They seem very unappreciative of you (((hugs)))

Very dull grind thru scrubbing and cleaning and sorting and washing and ironing. Some will then go in those sucker bag things and then thrown in the loft.

DH is on a USe It Up trip and the meals reflect it. MEH.

On the bright side I got a cheque for a whole £46 in the post as a PPI claim. Well, as I'd only applied on spec and didn't think I was owed anything I will take that !

Off to steam clean floors having shampooed the carpets..............ooh its all fun here.

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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Good morning. Nothing important or exciting going on here. Just poking my head in to stay in the loop.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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Hello friends,

I just posted a tidbit in my cancer update thread, mainly that I now have an appointment next Wednesday with the chemo Oncologist, and that I start chemo on Nov 6--4 hours of infusion!! :o
I don't know that I have mentioned this before, but I plan to cut my hair to 1/4 inch long after I start chemo--I just don't think that I can handle seeing great chunks of hair fall out during showers, or on my pillow.

Today is another COLD morning! 23*F at 8 am (realfeel of 17*F)... Brrr!!! It is clear & sunny here today

Yesterday I got most of the remaining letters outlined in my embroidery project. One more to go, then I can wash it's grimy self, and get it mailed off.

I need to walk outside today, more than just to mailbox. Maybe a few trips to the end of the street. I did find my cane finally, I might see if I can use it instead of the walker, but I do like the walker for better stability while I'm walking.

I think I have weaned myself from the oxy for good, I'm just using Advil & Tylenol now.

I slept good last night, about 8 hours, but that one good night doesn't make up for the rest of the week's poor sleep.

My girls carved pumpkins last night, there is a contest at their school today... I doubt they win, but it is Fun for Them-- they left earlier than usual, and with ds11 sleeping in basement, I feel alone in the house (except for snoring puppies in their crate).

Today I'm thankful for the sunshine, and that i can almost stand/sit upright.

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

LWolfT, I’m glad that Big Boy is doing better and took his meds so well. Pippi is good, just very needy since I returned from my trip. Different topic but is the Christmas tree skirt you’ve been working on something you are sewing, needle pointing or something else? I have a needlepoint Christmas stocking kit ($1 at a rummage sale a few years ago) and I’m thinking of starting it but know it will be a long term project like your skirt. Probably two years ago I separated all the yarn but it all seemed so overwhelming. (I made a needle point stocking years and years ago that I still use every year.)

I plan to mostly stay home today. The only place I might go is the library to return Homeland season 4 and pick up season 5 if it is there. When I get to seasons 6 and 7 I’ll have to request them through inter library loan.

My Montreal trip is still months away but I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe. I think I have enough cold weather clothes but will look at the sweaters at the upcoming rummage sale in early November. Our rummage sales usually have a lot of really nice winter clothes dirt cheap, donated I think by people who recently moved to Florida. I looked in the closet of my second bedroom to see if I still had my favorite black cord pants. Yes. I thought I might have donated them because they are probably too small. That will be incentive to lose 5-7 pounds.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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Nice chilly sunny morning. It is 52. The coldest we've had so far this season

At least the sun is out. We also had rain. Maybe an inch.

But looks like the city was flooded! Not that hard to do, but still weird to hear the news mention high water rescues. Even a city bus was stranded and the passengers had to be rescued. Not good.

Going out to lunch. Have some hot soup maybe. This is soup eating weather.

Have a great day all.

I"m wearing my fuzzy socks and ankle boots!!!

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 25, 2019

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The soup was good. I was able to bring home a big container that the COD will eat for dinner.

It has been chilly all day. Sheesh. I'm not used to this!! I'm used to it getting warm by the afternoon. See i am whining about the cold.

The COD has been working on the yard all day. Gee - why doesn't he give that up? He is 73 years old. I see him out there struggling and griping and wonder Why? Financially no reason for it. So WHY?? And the griping. Gets so old. And the "can you come out here" - old too. No i don't want to help you out in the cold. No need for that. I'm nice and cozy in here.

Going to have to light a candle for him :mrgreen:

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