Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning,
Last night I discovered I may have termites in my bedroom closet. I haven't seen any bugs but did see some sawdust at the baseboard. I just hope it's n isolated incident. Water leaked there last year unbeknownst to me. I had a plumber fix the source. But I will call a pest control place and have my house inspected and any necessary preventive measures done.

I was going to have DS clean the gutters. My concern is the area in back which faces my redwood trees. I was hoping this weekend but the weather forecast is for lots of wind so no point until the windy weather is over. I try to be proactive taking care of my place but things get away from me. I will however clean out closets and hope there are no other problems.

Depending on how things go here I may or may not work next week. I will see what happens.


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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

It is cold this morning I will need a jacket when I go to H-E-B. My list is printed and ready.

I have finally gotten back to the point where I had to rip out several rows to fix a mistake I found.

I am almost finished the filling of the pie. I hope to finish it before the end of the month.

I am going to look at the yarn I have before I go shopping. I doubt I will make it full size as the finished size is 17-18 inches long. I do have white to knit a pet rabbit.


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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by Quilter51 »

Florida, colds happen. It's that time of year. Leave the guilt behind. Im getting my flu and pneumonia shots this week although that won't help a cold issue. Just do your best and stay home and rest.

I'm in my jammies and will probably not get dressed until I have to go out. My plans today are to walk my in the house rotation for ten minutes at least 4 times and workout with weights.

I have some knitting to do. And I'll either read or sew depending.

This week is the time I do my monthly planning and budget and list making for the coming month., and I need to do the same for Christmas. Other than that nothing except perhaps a quick store run..I'm going to a church dinner tonight where we will discuss opening our church to the homeless and welcoming in refugees from the south.

Unfortunately that means I will miss the Nats game. Want the Nats to get this over with but on the other hand really looking to Chef Jose throwing out that ball cause I admire him so much.

Its 70 today and we'll have snow the next three days before warm.weather again..talk about cold inducing. I seem to remember someone (maybe it was Marcia?)telling me long ago that if I moved to Colorado I could not possibly wear shorts and tanks in November or January. People in this climate there are no clothes I put away....Let me tell you.

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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by icfrugal1 »

Jackielou wrote:
Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:32 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

Oops brushed across the mouse pad on the laptop and my post disappeared. Starting again.

I have been up for awhile as the wind is howling around the roof top and I am wondering if I will walk outside or on the treadmill today. I will wait and see if the wind dies down a bit as it is still really early in the morning here.

I did finish hemming the pants and the skirt I made over the last couple of days. Now they just need washing (always wash things after I have sewn them just to get rid of any dust or dirt) and a pressing.

Frugally speaking this will be a no spend day. I plan on transferring the markings to both the pattern for my top (darts only I believe) and the dress pattern. Then starting to sew. I picked up the fabric for the top many years ago from either a garage sale or the church rummage sale. The dress fabric was bought at around the same time but from a fabric store here in town.

I am looking forward to being able to cut out Hubby's pj bottoms and BBQ apron very soon (hopefully Sunday afternoon or early evening). Once those are sewn and the vest completely knitted I will be finished Christmas gifts (unless of course I add to my projects...thinking there just could be a little something else, just not sure what).

Other than the sewing and knitting to keep me out of trouble I will be sending in my grocery/shopping scan for points, doing a bit of extra cleaning, waiting for a call from my brother at some point in the afternoon, and practicing my reading for the Anglican Eucharistic service this Sunday. Just enough to do.

I also have a feeling my friend will be calling me to come over for coffee at some point this morning. It would be a good thing as I want to ask her if she would lend a hand delivering Meals on Wheels with me on Tuesday. I do know her Dad is being re-assessed on that day by HomeCare so timing will play a part in whether she can or not.

So looking forward to having our new carpet on Tuesday, and I have a feeling the new furniture will be arriving very soon after. I want to look at accent chairs after, my recliner is getting very worn (what is it with furniture fabric and wearing) and is not reclining the way it should. Time for something new and something that will last!

I am continuing to use up things from the fridge freezer. Today is soup and sandwiches so I will be pulling out one of the containers of bone broth and making a large pot of perhaps a veggie soup of some kind. We also have some items in the fridge itself to use up for lunches. As I have said previously I have let things get away from me once again.

Today I am grateful that my house should be back to normal by the end of next week.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
As I read about everyone sewing this and that for themselves and others, I miss my mother, she sewed a lot of our clothes. It was so nice to get a "surprise" dress.

(I didn't live with my mother from age 14, I lived with my father, and she surprised me with dresses.

At the time I never thought about it, but she was able to make it and it fit perfectly without me trying them on. (now I'm tearing up :( )

as far as a recliner that will last years and years, I'm not sure that that will happen.

Our recliners have a "lifetime " warranty on parts, but I had to pay $160.00 for the guy to come out to fix it LOL LOL LOL NOT !!!


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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by rinty »

Quliter , its blooming cold here, I am wearing a parka and its been raining for practically 3 weeks straight. Its like we need to carry 2 seasons of clothes with us when we go out for the day.

FCL, don't put yourself down, you're lovely.

Lots of bustling around here, frankly did not WANT to leave the house to go out into the driving rain.......

Kitchen has had a full on deep clean, sugar shop scrubbing walls, the light fittings, cabinets, skirting boards.........THE LOT. :shock: DH surprised me with a nice bunch of flowers so it all looks lovely now.

Its actually been very satisfying, lots of washing , ironing, packing away sleeping bags, summer bedding etc.

Finally I rationalised SEVEN huge bags of WORK STUFF, folders, work books, planning etc down to FOUR.
I rock.
Making most of half term and I'm very pleased.

We're guest ready. DH has down a lovely twist on a fav dessert. He makes a wonderful pannacotta but we usually have it with fresh strawberries...........we got some blueberries which we'll make into a reduction and also a pomegranate so it'll be garnished with blueberries and pom seeds.....nice, eh ? Our fav fruit salad is mango, pom and blueberry so we feel confident that it'll work.The main is roast leg of lamb with every combination of vegetable known to MAN. Including caulicheese obs, mint sauce, gravy and Yorkshire puddings

ANYWAY I did go out as I needed something for later in the week, that was a CHORE , the shop assistants in one shop were just rude, frankly. Couldn't believe two of them remarking on what I had bought ( in their store, HELLO ?) right in front of me :shock: It it warn't £8 I'd have left it there.................good job I am so mellow, hey ?

Dinner was stir fry, quick and easy and didn't mess up my immaculate kitchen.

Hoping to clocks go back cos it would be nice to have another hour to snore away

Watching the Halloween version of Strictly................soooo good.

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Re: Daily Check-in October 26, 2019

Post by floridacatlover »

Thank you all for your encouragement. I felt in a very black mood this morning, similar to my father. Feel a bit better now. I still pray that I haven’t given a cold to this 91-year-old woman. I am mostly very, very hard on myself, often for things I can’t control.

Library did not have Homeland season 5 so I had a free code (Birthday in September) almost ready to expire. I rented Yesterday which looks light and fun. Looking online I see yet another library in the other direction but not too far has Homeland so I’ll try to go there tomorrow.

I found yarn in my stash. I have almost every size knitting needles. I used to make mittens and gloves on double-pointed needles years ago so think I can do it. (One year here in Florida I made 25 pair of mittens for what was then called an orphanage in Boston, the New England Home for Little Wanderers.) I’m trying a size smaller than the pattern because my feet are small and I tend to knit loose. I think I once made socks for dad but a very long time ago.

Stripped my bed and doing laundry so I did get at least something accomplished.

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