Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

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Hugs for FloridaCat. I always enjoy what you have to say. And your rummage sale goodies sound wonderful!

I set the clock this morning but slept right through it. (Once asleep, I sleep like the dead.) Sleepiness was helped along by staying up too late reading All That Remains, a memoir by Scottish forensic anthropologist Sue Black. The book came out a while ago and BookBub let me know this week that it was a $1.99 e-book deal at last. It is fascinating. Not gory or sensational and she makes her level of scholarship accessible.

Today is my homeless shelter resident's birthday. I sent him a text -- he has a free phone because he gets SNAP -- and wished him a happy birthday. He asked for a warm scarf and I need to take that to him.

For those who have posts that go missing, check your user control panel for drafts. I just found several of my recent "poof!" posts had been saved as drafts instead of posting. It's easy to bump the wrong button on a mobile device.

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

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floridacatlover wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:03 am
Good morning.

. . . my own honest error in posting a copyrighted recipe . . .
I'm providing you with a link to a court case that pertained to recipes. I recently looked the copyright law up as I would like to create a cookbook myself. It states that ingredients CANNOT be copyrighted and processes CANNOT be copyrighted (i.e. mix all ingredients together; beat until fluffy, etc.). A recipe is a process. Recipes are meant to be shared. What is copyrighted is any text that is not the recipe itself such as suggestions for other use or if the recipe had been created in the form of a poem or whatever. I would not post pictures or if totally unsure even the exact name that is used. Just here's a recipe for beef with mushroom sauce etc.


Also with all the people in the world who cook, there is undoubtedly a recipe that has the same ingredients with the same measurements or close.

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

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Good morning all.

Getting ready to head out but wanted to put in a short post.

Cold here today in the 30s all day. At least there's some sun.

I'm having a fight with the NYS Dept of Taxation with there change from the Star Tax Exemption to the Star Tax Credit Check. I did all the right things and filed before the deadline (4 weeks before Sept 1) and I'm the only one in my co-op that got caught in a snafu having not received my check or my exemption. I had been in touch with them 3 times with the last one asking for proof that I was not on the exemption list so the Tax Assessor felt sorry for me and wrote a letter and provided the tax record showing there no exemption (the state provided THEM with this information). I also contacted my local Senator's office who just called me back and said they will reach out to me within 48 hours so hopefully I can get this resolved before the end of next week.

Tonight's dinner is spaghetti and meatballs with planned leftover for Monday night with a sausage.

Going to go for now. Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

Post by HappyDaze »

Greetings from another "just occasional" poster. I took the day off to extend the 3-day holiday weekend into 4 days. It is sunny but very VERY cold - a dusting of snow on the ground and some slow-falling flakes in the air.

Got laundry done and hung up this morning. This is the time of year when my laundry is slow to dry - windows have to be closed and heat isn't fully on (I only heat my personal space with a portable heater) - so it takes awhile. I just plan accordingly.

Slept in a little bit - what the dogs would allow. They were out, in, out in a lot this morning. I think Hope wants to be out for longer stretches of time but she hates the cold on her paws.

There were stray cats in my cellar this morning -- the dogs were digging at the door and whining - Lucy because she LOVES cats and Hope because she HATES them. I put some food out by my front porch - that's where get into the cellar - from under the porch.

Off to do my surveys and such. Have a good weekend.

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

Post by rinty »

Hugs to All !

Yay, FCL, good decision !

Look after yourself Gayle !

Thank goodness it is FRIDAY, I am DONE ;)

DH has doen the real food shop and got fruit and the cauliflower and bits for my work lunches so yay, I don't need to slog out. I do have a MAHOOOSIVE ironing pile but the house is clean and tidy.

DH even went out and bought the DGKs Christmas sweets so kudos to him all round, he had to go to B and M which is a downmarket Dollar Stretcher ;) He hates the place with a passion but I had been fretting about not getting 8 matching sweet dispensers so he surorised me.

School had over 50 Christmas shoeboxes handed in which is nice , especially as its in a low income area. We did one for a child and one for an elderly man.

This week has been a chore, not going to lie. I intend to relax /craft and bake this weekend. The car is full of petrol, the hosue full of food and we really don't NEED anything and I have a very juicy cold. Oldest DD will be visitng at some point, her DH is working in the US a lot these days. ;)

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Re: Daily Check-In, Nov. 8, 2019

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Hello all,
FloridaCat, I understand your decision but you need to know...I love hearing from you, I feel like we could be related.

I have had a weird day so far. oldest grand was involved in an accident this AM....everyone is fine, shook up and will be sore but fine. Scared us all but Thank God everyone is okay.
Then I went to go into town, my SUV keeps dying on me...got it home and back into the garage. Fiancé will be here to check it out...he is on a tree job so can't come right away, I can run errands tomorrow using the car from dad. Have I mentioned how much I hate vehicle trouble? But there again, I was able to get it home safely.

House is cleaned, floors done and next up is working in the guest room that DD has been staying in. She a been staying at Dads house...trying to keep it look occupied.

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