Daily Check in November 9, 2019

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Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is still dark outside and a frosty 33 F. However it is suppose to warm up to the high 50's. A good day to get outside and do things. My brother is coming over to put my mail box pole back up. He even bought me a new mail box. Then he is planning on cutting down some tree branches that have caused damage to the soffit on the north side of my house. I wish he would not do that since it is a very tall tree and he is 73 and not in the best of health but you cannot talk him out of doing things.
I wish I could get out and do yard work but my new back problem is preventing me from doing things like that..

Teddi only weight 16 lbs but I have been told not to lift anything heavy so I am training him how to get in to bed. My bed is a reproduction of an antique canopy bed and sits very high.So he is going from the recliner to the cedar chest at the foot of the bed and then jumps from there to the bed.. I need to find something to make the cedar chest not so slippery. I think I have some padding that was under a rug that prevents it from slipping. Just need to locate it.

Have a good Saturday everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I have a slight chill this morning so am wrapped in a shawl and really enjoying my mug of coffee. In fact this mug certainly tastes like another one.

If the weather folk are right we are heading into a very snowy week. Starting today we are supposed to be getting snow off and on until next Friday. In fact some days we are forecast to get up to 3" on two separate days and any where from 1 to 2 inches on each of the others. Things change pretty rapidly here so whether we get that amount or not is up to Mother Nature.

Frugal happenings here are the usual. I am going to do some baking as well. I see cinnamon buns and a rice pudding (using leftover rice) being made today. Having the oven on will heat up the house nicely and perhaps rid me of the shivers.

It is above freezing today so if it is not raining (that is predicted as well) I may head outside this morning for a very short walk. If it is I will be downstairs on the treadmill for a bit.

Meals will be fashioned with what is on hand in fridge, freezer, and cupboard.

I will also be sending in this weeks scanned shopping and probably doing a survey or two. I need to build up my points once again since I spent quite a lot of them on a gift for myself.

Projects will be worked on for entertainment, and some TV will be watched while doing said projects. Free entertainment (well we do pay for the TV, but it is pennies when figured out).

Supper this evening is going to be Cream of Mushroom Soup along with egg salad sandwiches.

Today I am grateful that I have a snug house and no where I really need to be.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning Janet and all,

The cold weather(by Florida standards) has arrived. Thanks to my kitchen remodel, I have been a week on microwave dinners. I am done with that. I have used my mock up outside sink and I think I am ready to use it every day. Last night, I simply needed more than the little microwave bowl offered. A bowl of precooked black beans to add something decent to the meal. It was a good meal and a good night. Soaking beans for a beef and bean crockpot meal on the porch. Real food. An interesting note. I told hubs that it looks like I won't wash dishes until this morning. I said I don't want to try to wash outside in the dark. He said I could hook up a light. I gave him a stare moment. He listened to the silence. "oh yes, every bug for a mile a round would be attracted to the light." Enough said. Didn't wash dishes last night.

Today will be a no contractor day. Hooray. But I don't have enough beef thawed for beef and beans and Winn Dixie has beef on sale. The problem is this beef, London Broil is actually a very lean cut of meat according to the butcher. They can sell it at $2.99 a pound because it is fat free. When I was young. we called it a lower grade of meat, but now lean is in. But cooking wise is requires a lot longer. Hubs likes it well cooked. So I will buy a bit and cube it and start it early before adding the beans and onions. I need to eat better. Kitchen remodeling. What an experience.

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by rinty »

Sneezing,snotty, ears blocked and sore throat :?

So I am still in a fluffy dressing gown having already gone back to bed once. I'd have stayed there if DH and the dog had not thought it was some kind of GROUP EXPERIENCE, so got up , did the hand washing and flung 2 loads in the washer.

The ironing is still in its basket looking reproachful........I don't care.

DH made breakfast, as he is a man it was something hearty, in this case bacon sandwiches. I made us both a hot drink at 1pm and that can hold us til dinner. NO idea what that will involve. Tomorrow its a huge roast dinner so if all I feel like doing is cranking open a tin of beans and serving it on toast, believe me I will.

Its pouring so DH can't go the allotment and he is behaving like a child with a cancelled birthday party and following me around. I love him dearly.

To distract him I got out everything we've bought for Christmas and we packaged it. Naturally he thought one DGK has less than the other 7. He used to do this to me on Christmas Eve with the 5 kids so I thought I would get it over with early. I have agreed that Child X needs 2 more small gifts to equal the others..............but am ignoring the request as on Christmas morning with ALL the presents being torn open simultaneously thereis NO CHANCE he will be able to tell and that child won't care as he will LOVE the thinsg he DOES have.

The weekend will be no spend not through any virtue on my part but just cause I am not leaving the house and I don't trust online shopping.

I have told my DDs that ARGOS is doing a 20% off ALL TOYS up til Tuesday if they can pin the DGKs down giftwise.

I am too snotty to bake , DH plans to make almond slice and a sponge cake with buttercream. He is VERY bored. When I feel under the weather I am no conversationalist.

If I can concentrate on a movie I will iron whilst watching it but otherwise NO PLANS. I fired off loads of calls and texts last week asking about Christmas Meet Up plans........some girls from work and I are going to Bath Christmas Market. it is worth a gooogle, as its in a LOVELY setting. I have done it before and have recommended ( we're a large group ) that we pre book somewhere to eat as it gets rammed. Also elderly DSF and Random Elderly Relative we keep an eye on and coordinating get togethers with friends.

Maybe a Christmas Movie is the way to go.

Have a good weekend , All.

Jackie, huge appreciation for all you do for us here.

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

I slept in, animals are fed and watered ...did it in my jammies. Wood stove started and I am draped in a throw with a kitten wallering me.

Rinty, I have a head full also...thought it was from blowing leaves, allergy stuff, now not so sure...thinking slight head cold. I will survive.

Usual stuff around here today, plus bring in more firewood.
At some point going in town to run errands, Will take the car I inherited from dad, the fiancé can't deal with my SUV until later as he is so far behind with his tree work. The weather is not helping him at all.

off to get started on my day.

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Re: Daily Check in November 9, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Nice chilly sunny morning

I love this regular time. The sun is up when i wake up and yet it is still "early". It is 9 and i am done with my sweeping and mopping!!! Amazing.

already showered and dressed ready for the day.

Should get up to the high 60s and then get really cold during the week. Not looking forward to that at all. I like sunny chilly but not too chilly.

Have a great day all

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