Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Taking my evening meds a bit earlier in the evening really helped with my morning grogginess.

I need to put the battery for my bathroom scale on my list. I got the low battery message this morning. I have to open the battery case to discover which battery I need so I can add it to my list.

Update: I don’t believe this but when I replaced the battery in my kitchen scale the battery came in a 2 pack. Well much to my surprise this was the same battery i need for my bathroom scale. I will still put it on my list but it nice knowing that I will be prepared with batteries for either scale. The batteries come in a package of 1, 2, or 4. But my scale is fixed and back in the bathroom.


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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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floridacatlover wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:40 am
Good morning friends and Happy Friendship Day!

I slept in a bit this morning. Yesterday Pippi was munching on her dry food throughout the day so I got the idea to put a small bowl of it in the bedroom. I heard her eating several times in the night. She didn’t wake me up at 4-5 a.m. for her breakfast. She didn’t eat great yesterday so hopefully today will be better.

No sign of what is now Tropical Storm Isaias. It is bright and sunny, no wind. Last I read it was expected to come ashore in northern Palm Beach County but only as a tropical storm.

I’m not sure what I’ll do today. I may make a brief run to Publix.

Stay safe.
Florida Cat great idea to have food for Pippi to access when she feels hungry. That will give you some extra time to sleep in if you want to.

Glad the storm seems to have passed you by.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Seeing Jackie's not about having to do some accounts reminded me that I have some bills to pay. I still write checks so that means I'll need to wash my hair this afternoon so I can walk out the door tomorrow morning without looking straggly and put them in the mail . . . LOL.

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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Good morning all,

Rain again today, we are supposed to be having a birthday party for youngest grand. It is in the campground pavilion...hopefully the rain will let up soon.....it can rain later tonight so we can get her party in. :D

Yesterday we took her down to my camper and I had the stuff for taco made to have a picnic...It worked out well. We were able to stay and play for about 3 hours. Very relaxing and even tho we didn't get to swim we had fun.

I am signed up to bring my mac and cheese for the cook out birthday party...it is in the small roaster and perking along, I am ready and just chilling until time to go.
I should run the floor duster before i go ...we shall see :?

CBS will be running a tribute to John Lewis on Tuesday...I want to record it if I don't get the chance to watch it.

I need to get some potting soil and get started repotting and condensing the houseplants that I have on the decks and patio. I have had lots of requests for starts and I have plenty to pass around. My goal this year is to have larger condensed pots and much fewer of the small individual plants. They require more attention and watering in the winter and tend to get scraggly looking.

Floridacat, good move on Pippi's dry food.
Both of my cats are '"grazers" I have to keep their dry food on a placemat on top of my dryer...because my dog thinks he should be able to eat it also....he is on a special food so while a small amount once in awhile is okay. A steady diet of it is not.


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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Good almost noon. ..

Rain has let up and it's sunny and cooler today. Turned off the AC and opened some windows.

Busy morning already. Picked beans, put a load of towels in the wash (plus face masks), trimmed my hair and made a run to PetsMart (Got some bonus reward points, so stocked on cat food.)

Still have some kitchen work to do, and more laundry after DH gets home. But right now, I'm taking a break, LOL!

Florida, good idea on putting food down for Pippi — easier on you, and hopefully will help her keep up her weight.

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Re: Daily Check in August 2, 2020

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Good morning everyone!

This is my second time being out of bed. The usual. This time I am enjoying a nice espresso and hope this gets the day started.

I, too, want to see the tribute to John Lewis on Tuesday night. Good idea to go and program it into the DVR. Sadly, I just saw on my morning news program that the viewers from a very well known conservative station in the states dropped by a HUGE number during John Lewis's funeral. That is ridiculous that they can't even pay tribute to a civil rights icon. The station did play the funeral, I guess all of their viewers had "wash their hair." sigh. The divide at home (I'm from Minnesota) is very large and sad to see.

I had a lovely afternoon babysitting Lily Gurl. She is such a sweet doggo. She likes to watch TV and snooze when I had a short nap. Lots of belly rubs and nose smoochies were given. I didn't get home until after 8 pm although I thought I'd be home closer to 6 pm. It worked out nicely as my friend and her family arrived home at 8 pm and Lily was happy to have her family home.

Since I din't get it done last night, I will be cutting the bias tape this morning (or what is left of it) and this afternoon work on applying it to as many masks as possible. It forms a little pocket where the wire goes in to fit the mask around your nose.

School starts in two weeks for my sister in South Dakota. I am very worried about her as she is immunocompromised having had thyroid cancer and kidney problems since she was born such a preemie. I am worried because South Dakota kept on living as if there was no pandemic. They never closed malls or stores or bars or you name it. She has been in isolation since school let out. They didn't have any cases in the state until a big outbreak at a meat processing plant quite a distance from her. But with the kids having gone on vacations and all returning to school? I'm going to try and get in a video call with her today to find out what precautions she is going to take when she goes back to school.

No plans for supper. I need to get some grocery staples (rice, margarine, milk) but will pick them up tomorrow once I get a look in the fridge to see if there is anything else to add to the list.

I am going back to get back to my espresso and morning political shows.

Have a lovely day everyone!!

"When they show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou

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