Daily Check in August 10, 2020

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Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

starting us off.

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Re: Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

The sun is shining, no birds singing though, which is very strange. Up early as I have that appointment today and could not sleep any longer. Mind you I have quite the list to get through and I really want to get most of it completed this morning. I won't take my usual long walk but a shorter one and that will only be done once laundry and a few other chores are completed.

I hope to get a few more jars of pickles made this morning, and of course the beans picked once again as well. I already picked some nice sized green peppers and think that perhaps some stuffed peppers for supper would be great. That means changing the menu a bit, but so be it. Both of us love stuffed peppers and they should be okay for me to eat after my appointment and any freezing if necessary leaves...Though the freezing thing probably would not happen at this time another appointment would need to be made.

Frugally speaking laundry will be washed in cold water where possible, always rinsed in cold and all hung on the lines outside.

I used to use a great deal of dust sprays and Windex but switched to a microfiber cloth I bought in the store about 2 years ago. I just love the frugalness of being able to throw a cloth into the washer and reuse said cloth. I have cut down on the usage of sprays, in fact the bottle of dust spray I have now is probably a year and a half old. I do use them once in awhile with one of the rags fashioned from old clothing or sheets.

Whatever meal we have will be made with what is on hand in fridge, pantry freezer and garden. This time of year means using things fresh (or very close to fresh) from the garden. So much better than frozen or in a tin can. Beans need to be picked again and I will clean those up and get them ready for freezing as part of my day tomorrow. Right now I have 6 bags of beans in the freezer and would like at least another 14 or so. I will not do as many this year as we ended up tossing a few as I cleaned out the freezer. That is not frugal, just wasteful.

I will do some knitting between chores and perhaps if after my phone call to the dentists to find out the protocol of my arrival I need to sit in my vehicle until they get me, well it could come with me rather than a book. Hubby's sweater is slow going until I get the pattern down pat so any extra time I can spend on it will make a difference.

Tomorrow is an appointment with our financial advisor to go over things and talk about how dismal the interest rates are on GIC's at this point in time. I have one due this month and I really think I will pull some out and put it in regular savings (this was the GIC we were going to use to pay for the new vehicle).

I have decided that stuffed peppers are too good to miss so that along with a salad will be our supper. Lots of veggies, and probably only half the meat I would usually serve.

Today I am grateful for extra insurance to cover most of the cost of this dental appointment.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by LogicsHere »

Good morning all.

Well we've got a heat advisory today and while it won't be over 100 degrees heat index like those of you in Florida have been experiencing it still will be an a/c day.

Between yesterday and today I've started to replenish the items lost from the power outage. Wasn't able to get everything as the stores had also lost power and I guess between that, an already taxed food supply, and the weekend shoppers, most of the frozen products are needing to be restocked this morning. I've also put onto a future shopping list a new battery operated lantern as well as some battery packs for keeping my cell phone charged. I've also taken note of GE's LED smart bulbs that will stay on for at least 5 hours in a power outage. This one occurred in the summer, but come winter it's dark at 4:30PM.

I will be doing the Monday chores when I finish this post and then move on with the rest of my day which will be the reading, coloring, puzzles, etc.

Today is noted as "Lazy Day" and with the weather we're expecting it's the perfect day for playing lazy. So don't feel guilty just enjoy taking the day a bit slower. Speaking about slower, although we all want this year to be over, we've got less than 5 months left till the end of the year.

Have a nice day and stay cool.

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Re: Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

OMG yes - Logics. Lazy day indeed. This weather just makes it hard to want to do anything!

We are forecast to hit 100 degrees all week

I can't take it anymore - wah. Hate being dependent on AC.

Looking forward to fall and winter. Nice cuddly weather.

Did get up and go do my walking thing. Wasn't too bad. Had a cool breeze, hope the breeze sticks around

Still trying to keep my bell peppers alive.

Will make some tuna today to have something to snack on during the week.

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

I slept like a brick!!! it was awesome ... :D

I have no idea what all I will be doing today besides laundry...and the usual daily running of the floor duster.
We go rain overnight, no idea how much but enough that outside watering will not have to be done today.

I do have 2 rings that need to go to the jewelers for repair, might be a good day to take them in. I have called and found out the protocol for the store. I have to assume the small business needs business. It is a local shop.

I am planning on formulating some terry cloth covers for my floor duster... they would be removable and washable and I have some old hand towels.
Off to see what I can get into.

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Re: Daily Check in August 10, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

Jackie, good luck at the dentist.

Logics, I had never heard of the GE bulbs you mentioned but just looked them up. Very interesting. Expensive. It looks like the light has to be connected to a wall switch so that would not work in my living room but would work in the bedroom.

This morning I’ll go to mom’s house and do some trimming. Drives me crazy to see that the front yard needs cutting but I don’t want to insult the neighbor by cutting it myself. We had a heavy rain yesterday.

Later I’ll go to Publix because they made an error with my Rx. Only gave me a 30-day supply but I paid for 90 days. I didn't realize it until I looked over the paperwork when I got home. It is a Rx that the pharmacy often needs to order. I familiarized myself with the Part D prices in more detail online yesterday.

If I have “time” I’ll start a new puzzle. It is a detailed map of Florida. This was one my friend gave me. From my job, I’m very familiar with the locations of 90% of the places in our state. Should be fun.

I ordered a new handbag from Target. My strap on my summer handbag wore out. I was going to try to cut it and repair it or order a new strap but the handbag itself has seen better days. I’ve been using an old straw bag that just doesn’t work for me because it’s like a black hole, not designed for the myriad pockets needed today. I had a 10% Target code for my Red card anniversary and was surprised that I also got the regular 5% Red card discount plus of course free shipping. It is supposed to arrive Wednesday.

Have a good day.

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