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Re: Cut It In Half

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MackerelCat wrote:
Wed Aug 19, 2020 4:56 pm
I was horrified to discover that DS and Homeless Buddy had used an entire 23-load jug of Tide Simple (the less expensive version of Tide) in six days. They aren't measuring how much they put in the washer. So I will be getting out the black Magic Marker and marking up the detergent caps so that they'll get a reminder of what to do.

DH and I, who do measure, have been using the same similarly sized jug of Ajax free and clear for a month.
That IS horrifying, Mackie. :shock: I finally, at long last, have gotten us switched over to a less expensive detergent than Tide. DH has these very strong opinions on a few varied household items and Tide was top of the list. This was when he was doing the grocery shopping. He would just stock up on it, sale or no sale, and I could not get him to buy anything else. Now, thank goodness, I do the grocery pickups. And Tide is a thing of the past. I actually like Arm & Hammer detergent better (I like the scent but I know that throws a lot of people off) and it's so SO much cheaper.

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Re: Cut It In Half

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I did not buy Tide for decades because DH is allergic to it. But DS and HB both needed something to get work odors out of their clothes and the less expensive version of Tide will do that. It's still about $4 for a small bottle.

DH and I use whatever free and clear detergent is on sale. The CVS house brand turned out to be really good and I got a couple of jugs of it on sale.

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Re: Cut It In Half

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I once tried to buy a cheaper dish detergent. As a result, a liter of this cheap product was used up 4 times faster than a liter of what is 1.5 times more expensive per liter. So, I buy high-quality detergents and household chemicals - they are used more economically and do not cause allergies more often.

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