Tip for Ibotta and other Apps

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Tip for Ibotta and other Apps

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I watch a YouTube channel called "Amy Way to Save" (yes, Amy, not any). Sometimes she will mention that when using her Ibotta app, she gets credit for purchasing a product that is **similar to** what the product in the app is - but not exactly.

This happened to me yesterday - I had the Ibotta rebate for "any juice" selected but I did NOT buy juice in any form. Something triggered the app to give me the .10 cent rebate for juice. Also - the coffee creamer rebate was very specifically for the Vanilla Extra Extra Dunkin creamer flavor. I purchased the Pumpkin Munchkin flavor (because .84 cents vs. $5.99) and tried it in the app - got the $1.00 back.

This morning I used the Checkout 51 app that had a rebate for Mucinex nighttime formula 2-pack. I bought 2 bottles (not 2-pack) of the chest congestion formula for may parents. I scanned my receipt and got the $3.00 back.
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