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Re: beef fat

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blondeinbuffalo wrote:RD, hope you dh is doing better and is stronger each day since the accident. take care! cj

how are the bunnies doing? I hope you have decided to keep them as pets. fingers crossed.
Yeah, no. So I'm getting out of the bunnies thing. I got bad does from the farm. They have been a pain since I got them. One doe broke her own neck from kicking too hard. The other just broke her foot when a stray cat went by her cage so I had to put her down. Gonna sell the buck just as soon as I can. Warning to anyone wanting to raise livestock: Rabbits have a reputation for wanting to die. They are not worth the effort.

DH is doing pretty well. Hoping that this week he gets the ok to go back to work and driving (I've been covering his shifts in the meantime and I'm pooped!)
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Re: beef fat

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Thanks for the update! hope you had a great thanksgiving! cj

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