How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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I started when it was the Mining company, 1996. I was off and on for a while as my ability to access the web was more or less convenient. I too, was able to dig us out of debt, put hubby through college and am still putting DS16 through Parochial High school. I am working full time, for a while I hoped to go part time but once DS got his driver's license, Working is not so bad, especially when it is from home 3 days a week.


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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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NBeaver -
It wasn't you - I remember you well. This lady did not post a whole lot back then. I may however have the events mixed up. I was thinking it was Joplin but maybe it was many of the many other awful weather disasters that have beset our country. Whomever the person was posting and thenn many people kept posting asking if she was OK - but she never responded. I swear - I used to have a good memory - but any more it is just shot.

You are so right - I never saw devastation like that anywhere. I hope I never do again.

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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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I came on when it was the mining company. Have had different names. Think the first was Abbiegirl, which was our Dalmatian name. Have enjoyed it and hope it lasts a long time.

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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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colonialgirl wrote:Gosh - Ellen Marie - I cannot believe Preston is in the 6th grade. I remember when you were on the forum agonizing about whether or not to get pregnant with him. I remember your hubs said you had enough children but that you really wanted one more and what a big deal it was. Time flies.

I have been here since almost the beginning. I lurked for a long time at the about forum (right after it changed from the mining company to About). Not many of those folks left. I remember many who posted there but cannot bring their names to mind now - but I could describe them with stories. Like the lady who lived in Joplin and then they had that big tornado and we never heard from her again. I wonder if she was one of the casualties. I remember Roxie who was raising her grandchildren and Michelle the cook with her crazy stories and wild exaggerations. Orange wasabi, one of my absolute favorite posters and Cookasita, another of my favorite people whose daughter got married and who was a big gardener and always dieting and had a heart of gold.

I remember all of the brouhahas when Pat was the guide and the dressing down you would get if you disagreed with one of her favorites. I remember our good friend Sue who died of cancer and was a fount of wisdom and knowledge and crazy Rossco with the "free food" and conspiracy fantasies. I remember and value so much the efforts that Jackie and Erin made to keep us together as a band of frugal brothers and am so grateful for that.

Many years here and much good advice received. Became debt free on this forum and paid off my house on this forum and retired on this forum. It is a home to many of us - who are now internet friends. What a lovely place we have here.
I have been here since it was still About. I lurked for a long time and then jumped in.
I remember all of the people you have mentioned CG. And Marcia..and Lynn Crumm.

I am also grateful for Erin and Jackie for keeping this forum going. The very best people gather here. I learn new things all the time....laugh and cry with you all.


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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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I was on the forum first when it was the mining company and then continued on with about until my Mom died 10 years ago. It really effected me and I tried coming back on and off through the years. When I didn't't contribute, I still enjoyed learning and seeing how everyone is doing. Thank you all for being who you all are. RedRobin

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Re: How many of US from's original frugal living forum are still here?

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I think the person you might be talking about was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She was still posting for a time after that. They lived in one of those FEMA trailers for awhile and were hanging on. I don't remember what her name was here...I think it was Lady something. At any rate she went over to the Dollar Stretcher site when Pat did. She goes by the name of Brandy on there. Pat left there some time ago but Brandy is still there running the site I believe.

One person I miss is Tyger. He used to post on FL a lot. At the beginning he was just recovering from a relationship with a boyfriend he had for awhile. They split up and it took him a while to recover financially from that. But during the time he was posting I don't think he was in a relationship.

Rossco I believe posts on the Delphi site Oh Jodi started when we got rumblings that About was going to dump us. She uses a different name there but the writing style is crystal clear. Occasionally someone will respond but most of the time it is pretty dead over there.

D Maciolek (now goes by Donna Hensch) is still living in the Mt. Shasta area. Her husband, who had health problems for a long time passed away about 5 years ago. She supports herself doing freelance writing and in the past couple of years has gotten into rockhounding and is making some money off of that. Both of her boys are grown but I think they still live with her. She is considering selling her place because in recent years that whole area has gone from being practically worthless desert property to becoming a haven for marijuana growers. Pot farmers have been buying up properties all around her and I think she is getting a little nervous about it all. She isn't rushing to move but I think she is taking her time checking out other areas.


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