Daily Check In Dec 3rd

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by clemencia2us »

icfrugal1 wrote:
Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:03 pm
Good afternoon,

Just took the raisin bread out of the oven.

I'm planning to sent them away, I am thinking of my step sister and my "Sunday" friend.

My step sister and I have only met once, 32 years ago when my father died. Our parents married after all of the kids were grown.

My step mother lived in another state before they married. She and I talk a few times a year and e-mail.

I was talking to my "Sunday" friend, i feel so bad for her, she works so hard, and full time so she has health ins, but she also has cancer and many of her needs are not covered by her insurance. :x She pays as much as she can, but is in collections, she can't answer her phone because of that. :cry:

She bought a house a few years ago, her house payment is less then rent would be, but she is having trouble with the upkeep of the house. Right now there is bad leak in her kitchen sink, and she can't afford a plumber or a handy man to come in.

She has a 2 bed one bathroom house but does not want a room mate.

She is 66 and we have discussed her taking her SS even though she is working, but .....

Can you start a go fund me for her? Has she talked to a social worker at the hospital or clinic she uses. There are funds out there for people that can't afford those types of treatments. Well at least I know in Texas they do. Good luck to your friend.

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by floridacatlover »

Good evening all.

IC, what a sad case about your Sunday friend. Maybe she could contact her county’s Aging Agency and see if there is any help available. The group here that runs the Meals on Wheels also offers a free service to help with household repairs for those who cannot afford the repairs on their own.

I have had a very lazy day. I have done two loads of laundry, second one is in the dryer now.

Earlier I went to mom’s house just to check on things. Everything was OK. I saw the neighbor who hosted the gathering to celebrate mom. They are leaving in a few days to visit their son.

I picked up a few things at Publix including a gift card for the neighbor who cared for Pippi. Also, I’ve been gradually bringing food from mom’s pantry to my house. I looked at a gift card to thank my cousin but I’m still deciding on which one to buy.

I have a problem with my a/c but I’m hoping it is only the thermostat. It is running fine but I can’t turn the temp down. I looked at the batteries and one was corroded. I put in new batteries but still could not lower the temp. I’ll call the a/c company tomorrow to hopefully come on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I see the lawyer. I hope it won’t take long and be too costly.

Wednesday a friend and I are having lunch. So I’m keeping busy.

I think I’ll start rewatching season 1 of The Crown since season 2 starts on Friday.

Have a good evening.

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by clemencia2us »

jckitty wrote:
Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:57 pm
Good afternoon all,

I have ham and beans cooking for supper tonight, cornbread and possibly fried potatoes to round out the meal for dad.

It is bright, sunny and not too chilly outside. I am having a lazy afternoon, busy day yesterday so taking it easy today. Tomorrow is a "get it done" day, with after weekend cleaning and cooking. I will be making my to-do lists and menus later today. Still have sniffles and alittle congestion from last weeks strep throat but feel so much better.

I am listening to my Mannheim steamroller Christmas CD....I love it .
Clem I really like the idea of eat it or spend it for Christmas gift ideas. I am already tired of the Christmas ads and "give me" attitude this year and its only the 3rd of December.

Not much to report, Floridacat, good to know you are home and settling in with your kitty.

Should we be worried that we haven't heard from Becky?
Have a great day all,
yes - this "nonsense" starts way too early. Back in the day we followed church guidelines and didn't decorate until the 16th of December. That was when the wise men set on their way to find the baby jesus.

People are too stressed. Just came home from a church event and I was having a good time. My friends were getting all cranky wanting things to get moving at a faster pace. I was there enjoying the company. Stress!!!!

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by BevMoore »

Hi everyone,

I woke up with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose this morning. Drank some coffee, my smoothie and went back to bed for awhile. Slept a couple of hours got up, did the cat boxes and replaced four light bulbs. I am better now but will go back and lay down for a bit. I have to work this week. The fifth grader I am working with needs me since her regular para is out recovering from knee surgery. Since there is only one week left of school it would be difficult to bring in another sub when she and I have been working so well together. It's six hours but mostly sitting, observing and occasionally intervening if things start to go wrong. Not a physically taxing job and no stress so I can do this. My PM job is three hours. If push comes to shove I can ask for a sub. But I am hoping I can lay down the law to these first graders, tell them I am under the weather and please listen and do what they are told. (Yeah....right) :lol: Again I will take it easy physically. Once I'm home its off to bed. Meals will be bought and eaten in the cafeteria so no worries about food pre. (the meals are actually healthy!) So..peeps...wish me luck that I get through the week by taking extra good care of myself. The following week will just be three hours a day of yard duty and then Christmas break for two weeks. I can cancel yard duty if needed but I whould be doing better by then.

So eating soup and drinking hot beverages. Had my smoothie this morning. Two English muffins, and that's about it. I'm off to go lay down for a bit.


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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Evening Everyone,

What a beautiful day we had today, sunny and temps were in the high 60's. Not bad for December. I had to pick up a couple of rent checks and I stopped at my favorite sub shop and picked up a Famous Philly sub and it was delicious. I couldn't eat all of it so brought 1/2 home for lunch tomorrow.

I cut out my wine bottle covers that I wanted to make and will seam them up tomorrow. They look fairly easy to make and if the two I'm making turn out good I think I will make a few more for future hostess gifts when I am taking wine.

I sure hope that is all that has happened with BeckyO is her internet service. I'm like Kitty I am very concerned that she's been absent this long. She had always been able to get a message through before even when she was having trouble with the service in her apartment by going to the library. Lets everyone just keep her in our prayers that everything is ok.

Clem, I'm like you I don't understand why people go nuts at Christmas time and get all stressed out about company and gift buying. Honestly, I can't even imagine not being happy as a lark to be able to have my children with me on a holiday. If you want to buy someone a present or make something you have all year to do it. I think waiting till the last minute to clean house or do your gift shopping may be the culprit.

Speaking of Christmas presents my friend is giving both his children cars for Christmas. We were talking and I casually asked him had he started his Christmas shopping? He said he had that he had decided that he wanted to see them enjoy their dream cars while he was alive so he gave a certain amount of money to each one to buy the cars. I think the daughter got hers at a dealership in Columbus and the son flew to Miami to pick his up and is driving it back to Texas. He will stop by to see him this week on the way back home. No doubt about it, he is a great Dad.

FloridaCat, so glad that you are back home and I'm so proud of you. I think your Mom is looking down from heaven and saying, "what a wonderful daughter I have". You just kickback and relax, the lawyer will take care of your business and if you think he's charging to much, protest.

I have a really busy week coming up, so if I go MIA for a day or two don't worry about me. Everyone have a wonderful evening and don't get stressed out about Christmas, remember what we are really celebrating, the birth of Jesus.

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Good evening all. Bev, I hope you feel better very soon. It has been a nice day - relaxing. I took both the dogs on extra-long walks but Hope still managed to get into her daily dose of trouble by tearing up a magazine all over the dining room. The dogs have a whole bucket of toys but if that girl can get her teeth into a magazine, she will take the opportunity.

It was so warm-ish today and sunny - I didn't need heat on at all. I did just now plug in my little space heater just to warm the spot I'm sitting in.

I did "snack-ish" type stuff instead of supper - didn't feel like cooking so I didn't. Lunch was my homemade lentil soup. I am wishing right now that I had some decaf coffee on hand - I sometimes enjoy a cup in the evening - but will have herbal tea instead as I don't want to risk a poor night's sleep.

Well, my cherished weekend is almost over. I do love my job and never dread going to work but I also treasure Saturday and Sunday for different reasons - and they sure do fly by! Take care everyone and have a good week coming up!

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