Daily Check In Dec 3rd

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

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Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:13 pm
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Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:52 am
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Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:09 am
Good Sunday morning all,

One of my frugal FB groups got into a discussion of the recent Congressional tax bills. As usual, there were the sky is falling group, but fortunately, there were some reasonable people posting. It ended up being a good discussion and I learned some things. Some people said they needed to become preppers. Interesting. One person shared a "test" that may determine if you will save on your taxes or not with the new plan. We will with either current proposal. Next year should be interesting.
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s take on the tax bill Monday morning.

On Monday, McCarthy signaled that Republicans could take care of the deficit issue by making changes to programs like Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Those social safety net programs account for most federal spending.

Interesting indeed.
Did you see what Senator Grassley said. Said people aren't millionaires because they spend their money on beer, women and movies!!
Talk about out of touch! I don’t have $5.5 million (estate tax level) because I spend too much on Pippi toys and food, Rx and Amazon. Maybe not.

As a stockholder I’ll likely benefit from the tax bill. But I think it is disgraceful that the tax cuts will be used to justify cuts in SS, Medicaid and Medicare. Individuals may benefit to the tune of several hundred $ or perhaps several thousand $ - and only until 2025 if the Senate sunset provision is enacted. But at what cost to the long term viability of social programs. Hey, I’m glad I don’t have kids!

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Re: Daily Check In Dec 3rd

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Ditto FCL.

These initial tax cuts are the candy the pedophile uses to entice kids into the van. Now they are enticing those happy with the tax cuts so they won't notice that their Medicare and SS are going down the drain and the beneficiaries are the wealthy top one percent. A 27% approval by the public and they are still proceeding. Wow - do you think they serve their constituency or their donor base? How tragic.

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