Daily check in May 13, 2018

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Re: Daily check in May 13, 2018

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alliesmama4 wrote:
Sun May 13, 2018 8:47 pm
Gayle Happy Mother's Day to you. So glad your DH made you special gf biscuits.. I have never been able to produce a good gf biscuit.Also nice that you had a lovely ham dinner to enjoy.

I cannot imagine how you manage to do all that you do so you can coast and not take every sub job that comes along.. I remember one of my patients was a student teacher and all she could talk about was her first classroom to student teach was coming up. The day after she came in for treatment and she was very quite. I finally asked her how her day went.. She was very emotional and said it was horrible. She said one of the kids even called her a " B ". It was a 6th grade class ! I do not know how and why kids are so disrespectful like they are now. Very sad statement about how kids are being raised these days. Janet Alliesmama
Thank you Janet. I'm not sure how Dh made the biscuits turn out so nice today (I wish I'd taken a picture as they were so pretty).

As for all I do?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Well the state of my house would prove that I'm not doing much these days, and I'm deliberately not pushing myself to do much either so that my shoulder can heal up completely (the shoulder feels really weird, way different from usual).

I feel sad for your patient... 6th grade is SUPER TOUGH to teach, and if you go in with kindness and a gentle spirit, those kids will walk all over you! I go in acting mean and stern, and most of those kids behave for me.

I kind of feel bad that I didn't jump on that subbing assignment; I was talking to that teacher recently and I know how she was struggling -- plus I know her 8th grade students fairly well.

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