Daily Check in May 17 2018

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Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by mbrudnic » Thu May 17, 2018 5:59 am

Good Morning frugal Friends,

When I am through here I need to pack my lunch. Tonight DS has his last High School concert. This is a fun, casual concert of various ensembles driven by the kids. He does not have to go in for the last exam period, so he gets to sleep in a bit until he has to go for graduation practice.

It is going to be a bit of a struggle to get my 10,000 steps in today. But I will try.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by Dgflorida » Thu May 17, 2018 7:35 am

Good Thursday morning all,

Well, the driveway is done and my car is home at last. However, there is much to do beyond the scope of the contractor in order to really have this done. Raking out the deep grooves from the machine and such. Today, I will begin to do that. Weather permitting.

I am close to turning on the ac. But hubs says he is comfortable, so it will wait until he says otherwise. We normally don't have to start it until July when the humidity spikes with daily rains. The humidity is here, the rains are here already. The feel like temperatures are in the 90's. Not like a normal May.

Hubs complained about his eyes hurting yesterday evening. Unusual. So I had him check his blood pressure. 116/72. I should have had him check his blood sugar, but he said he was going to bed. The blood pressure is excellent, but the doctor warned that his pressure might start dropping too low if he continued to lose weight. We haven't checked his weight for a few weeks because they warn you not to depend on the scale on this diet. He is happy with the nightly jello which is much lower in carbs than ice cream. Just did a morning weight check. 162. His lowest weight ever! He feels given his lack of musculature, he should be in the 150's. Surprising, how one little diet change can change so much. :D

Yesterday, I bought 3 beef roasts at $3.29 per lb, not a great bargain. But they wanted 3.79 a pound for the roast cut into chuck steaks. $.50 extra for one extra cut! Got out the rapala knife and made steaks for the celebratory "driveway is finished" lunch. Today, I will cut up the rest and freeze. I hope we will have more "it is finished" celebrations.

Today, I will get in my walk with a neighbor and maybe hubs and I will get a walk as well. He hasn't been able to get out because of the messed up driveway. Then I will begin moving dirt. Maybe pull out the dead, from too much water, tomato plants.

Today, I am grateful the driveway is finished. Have a great day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by Jackielou » Thu May 17, 2018 8:21 am

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I did not get all my plants into their respective pots, I was hoping to finish that off today. We did get a bit of rain last night so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my potting soil is dry enough to do a few more pots today. I am so close to being done and able to clean up I can taste it. However I did see some plants that look interesting at our local Coop, and one that would be a very nice addition to the décor.......

Other than trying to finish up the planting I plan on working on my projects, going to get a few groceries and other items we can use (definitely keeping to my list however), and starting a major tidy of the messy areas of the house. If Hubby's brother and his wife are dropping by at some point this weekend I have a bit of work to accomplish over the next few days. I will also be getting in those pesky exercises three times a day. Thank heavens said exercises only take a few minutes a session or I might me so busy doing those I get nothing done all day.

There was lots of leftover meatloaf still last night. So I sliced it all up and put it in a tinfoil container for youngest DS to take home. He can take out a slice at a time and make himself a salad and whatever carb he likes for his meal.

Frugally speaking the usual will be happening around here. I plan on using things up, wearing things out, and making do. It is always amazing to me when I take a look at what I used to spend on clothing or household items and what I spend now. I think I might have been practicing a bit of keeping up with the Jones's at one point in my life.

Supper tonight will be that stir fry I did not make on Tuesday because it was so hot. I will be able to use up a great deal from the crisper and fridge doing this, and more than likely have leftovers. The leftovers will be packaged up and shared with youngest DS. It's kind of my gift to him for coming home and helping so very much and I always worry that he is not eating properly. In fact he and Eiko will be coming home again this weekend. I think he wants to go fishing with his Dad so I do hope it dries up enough that they can go on Sunday.

We are kind of not going to Mass for awhile as the itinerate priest we have while Father A is absent can not speak English and only understanding one word in 20 is not conducive to a good celebration. But supposedly we are such a terrible parish that this was the only priest he could get to come here.... Really, while this parish can be a divided one, with the divisions fighting every so often it isn't any worse than any other parish.

Got to get moving, read the forum, answer some emails and get on with my list of chores.

Today I am grateful for the bit of rain we got overnight/early morning hours. We can use even more.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by jckitty » Thu May 17, 2018 8:23 am

Good morning all,

Up with the alarm, I can tell it is Thursday because my weekly energy level is slowly going down. :(

I have the chickens out, fed and taken care of, a load of laundry going with a second load to follow....will dry on the lines.
Supper planned for a tonight, pork chops, sweet potatoes, veg and watermelon.
Making my grocery list for the weekend, but really hope to get the second freezer defrosted and cleaned out first. That will just leave the freezer at dads to do.

It is cooler with a lot less humidity this morning, will get a morning walk in and hoping dad will also. He took himself to town yesterday ....again.... this is good, as he needs to get out and around. He is on a nacho kick for lunch...has tried 3 different rootbeer stands in his quest :D What makes this funny is in his younger days he wouldn't have dreamed about trying nachos let alone looking for good ones. :lol:
He did the same thing years ago when I first dragged him to a Chinese buffet, mom was always game to try new things...dad not so much. But once he tried it we were going back at least once a week, so much so that the owner would greet him by name and flirt with my dad. My dad has always been a "looker" and still is for being 90.

Seriously considering buying an air fryer...dad loves French fries but not oven fried/baked and I don' have a deep fryer nor do I think I want one. I know Jackie has one, wondering if you can use it to "fry" donuts also?

Off to get busy again, have a great safe, and appreciative day all,

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Re: Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by itspennyc » Thu May 17, 2018 9:07 am

I had a good night last night. I feel pretty good this morning. I did wake about 5 am, I took the Amoxicillin and went back to bed. I couldn’t sleep so I got up and took my morning meds.

Breakfast was oatmeal.

Today I have to finish unpacking. I have no big plans for the day.

I do need to finish the Tiny Laptop, start 2 birthday presents. They are in mid June, I need to mail one of them. So that one has to be small enough to fit into a card.


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Re: Daily Check in May 17 2018

Post by floridacatlover » Thu May 17, 2018 9:12 am

Good morning all.

Penny, I’m glad that your tooth implant went well. Take it easy today.

I’m waiting for the pet sitter. I don’t know about Pippi and I wonder if her time is growing near. Right now she is under the bed. She spent most of last night there. She didn’t eat great yesterday but ate well this morning. She has taken all her tablets no problem by putting them in the soft yummies. Still, I feel uneasy.

After going to the bank yesterday I did go to mom’s house and got quite a lot done. No rain for us so I picked up the front yard and trimmed the ligustrum in front of the house. Then I did some clipping and cleaned up the side yard.

Just when I think I have everything of value to me from mom’s house I find something else. Yesterday it was mom’s college yearbook. She only attended one year of college but enjoyed it. She says she was not prepared to do the work, however, and the start of WW2 gave her a good excuse not to continue. Her two oldest brothers enlisted so mom helped my grandfather in his store.

Today I’m going to color my hair. Then I’ll put in a new a/c filter, fingers crossed. Later I’ll go to mom’s house just to put out the trash for tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.

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