Cut It In Half

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Janis Joplin
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Cut It In Half

Post by Janis Joplin »

I have found by cutting things in half I can save a lot of money.
Here are some examples:

1. sponges ( I buy then for work) I actually cut them into thirds. There is just enough to use to clean something with, and it is like getting 6 sponges for the price of 2 ($1.00).

2. S.O.S pad. I cut in half and keep the used half in a soap box in my freezer. It thaws out in seconds and the air isn't able to get to it to make it rust. I have a one box for years.

3. Hydrogen peroxide based contact lens cleaning solution. Instead of putting the full amount of cleaner in the container, I only use half. I use regular saline solution for the other half. It makes the expensive hydrogen peroxide based cleaner last twice as long (about $7.00 per bottle).

4.This isn't something that I cut in half, but when my soap dispensers run out, I buy a 32 oz. bottle of spa soap (look a lot like Soft Soap) from the dollar tree and use it to refill my dispensers.

Do you have anything you like to cut in half in order to save?

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Re: Cut It In Half

Post by Jackielou »

I cut the amount of meat I use in some recipes in half.

Mix half milk and half water into condensed soup instead of all milk.

Probably more but can't think of them this early.

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Re: Cut It In Half

Post by LWolfT »

Dryer sheets ...

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Re: Cut It In Half

Post by ohjodi »

Sponges, paper towel, foil sheets, wide sliced bread.

I water down the hand soap to use in a foaming pump. Water down the dish soap and shampoo.

I try to use half of the amount of some things when cooking, like butter, oil, and meat.

For boxed mac and cheese I use some of the pasta water instead of any milk.

When I'm driving, I'm usually coasting about half the time LOL. It's amazing how far you can go when you take your foot off the gas. My mileage goes up almost 2 miles per gallon.

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Re: Cut It In Half

Post by Dgflorida »

I do a lot of the same things ohjodi. I am glad I am not the only one.

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Re: Cut It In Half

Post by suzin.e.h »

I use 1/2 the laundry soap in a load of works well for me...

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