Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

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Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Right now it looks like I am the only one logged on, so I will write.

I was able to snag a hair appointment for last night. Now I want to color it.

I put an essential oil blend on my hip before bed last night. I am amazed at how much it helped. Tonight I go to the Y and have my orientation/assessment.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good morning friends!

I awoke early with dh, haven't done that in about two weeks. I walked him out & we found a frightened dog hiding under his truck, but it took off before we could get close.

I have a 9x13 pan of Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal in the oven, because today is the first day of school!! And because I figure my children could use a warm breakfast.

Ds14 shampooed the living room, & hallway carpets, plus couches & recliner because the puppies have been peeing all over them since they arrived (well they both got the big couch Monday which was the last straw). He also vacuumed first. Hooray! The floors are clean & you can’t smell urine anymore!! Plus they all seem dry!

No word yet on when I get to go have my cancer surgery; when I called yesterday afternoon my case manager said the Drs & radiologists had requested the images from my previous mammograms, and she didn't know if those had been sent yet. So I’m to call again if I haven't heard from them by 3pm. Waiting is soooo hard with this!

I must keep busy, so will go to library to print off the certificate showing that I’ve watched the online school district training. I’ll check out a few books too.

I need to find a notebook & pen to be ready for my all-day Substitute training tomorrow. I’d almost forgotten about it.

I may watch a movie my friend lent us, called 17 Miracles. I can knit on washcloths while it plays-will have to watch it on my computer as kids have broken the DVD player.☹️

My back hurt soo bad when I woke up!! I’m going to use dh’s vibrating massager on it to see if it will help-as long as I can reach that spot.

I’ll have my girls help sort their mountain of dirty clothes this morning before school so I can at least get their shirts washed. They are in need of clean hot-weather clothes, especially with the schools’ cooing systems not running at peak (as mentioned by the teachers.

It is to be clear, sunny, and in low 90’s today. Its to be the same weather for next 10 days.

So it's Great weather for our church’s End of Summer swim party-my girls are super excited. I need to dig out my black & swim suit—first time this summer that I’ve needed one.

Dinner will be provided at swim party, I just need to decide if I’m making a salad or dessert and get it compiled.

I pray that the warm weather continues. I picked 10 green beans yesterday along with my usual 3-4 summer squashes. I need to try to grate some zucchini today; if my arm holds up then I can get most of the fresher ones grated-not sure what to do with the older ones, maybe my friend will want them for her turkeys.

Today I’m thankful to have some time alone with kids going back to school.

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Re: Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by alliesmama4 »

Just saying Hi to stay in the loop. Teddi is sick again and my ALS is acting up. Nothing really bad just get overwhelming fatigue so need to conserve my energy for household things.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Up and getting ready for my day, slept okay but had some whacked out dreams.
I need to go to the local electric company and get some changes made, I dread it but it needs done. Probably not nearly as bad as I am setting it up to be.

When I return, floors vacuumed and some dusting to do. Mostly inside work today because it is so humid outdoors...ugh.
Last evening went to dads and trimmed branches over hanging the drive, they were hitting my vehicle and the mail persons jeep and she asked for us to trim them. I had planned to do it after this weather broke, but because it was hitting her car did it last night.
Need to figure out supper, thinking goulash, and slaw, salad and watermelon for later.
I think an easy day overall, will read library books for entertainment.

Have a good day all,

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Re: Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

It seems as if things have cleared up outside. While there are clouds, they are nice fluffy white ones and pretty robins egg blue sky is between them. Still I plan dressing fairly warm this morning for my walk, as the temperature is pretty cool.

I got busy with my patterns yesterday and discovered a few I might add to the donation pile for the month. I will more than likely be in there again today figuring out yardages of fabric to buy and what patterns I want to do this fall/winter. There are a couple of tote/handbag type patterns I would like to try if I can find the proper fabric and hardware. I even have a full apron that I think I just might do up for Hubby for Christmas if I can find fabric suitable as well.

I am hopeful the garden will dry out a bit today. I just know there are cukes ready to be picked and of course beans. There may even be a zucchini or two in hiding out there. Harvesting should be done at some point today or early tomorrow. I also need to dehydrate more oregano and parsley (mint could and probably should be harvested once again).

I used some leftover fat quarters and backing (as well as leftover pieces of batting) to get the next Christmas gift cut out for the DSs. I am hoping my vision turns out the way I want it to.

I am on my last knitted dishcloth and should finish it today. The leftover yarn will go back into storage for my next excursion into knitting with cotton. I will move on to sewing those 4" squares together in the evenings.

Frugally speaking along with the above, I plan on not spending any cash today (making it 12 no spend days this month and 2 allowable spend days), making my meals from scratch, making my small grocery list for tomorrow, getting the bills together to pay online tomorrow, doing a search for coupons for our weekend stock up and the small shopping trip tomorrow, adding what ever to the stock up list, and catching up on small chores around the house.

Supper this evening will be leftover meatloaf along with coleslaw, green beans and potatoes.

Today I am grateful for the sunshine to help things grow.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in Aug 14, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning!

We have a heat wave for the next 3 days with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F. I really hope the school I am working at will call indoor recess those 3 days. I work today and Friday and will have my umbrella and water bottle with me. I really need to stay hydrated.

I need to figure out food today. It's hard when you are trying to lose weight. And its hard to cook when it is so hot. I have my air fryer I can use if I need to.

I'm looking forward to a slow week next week. I am making a paisley quilt for a family friend and would like to get it finished soon.

One plus about hot weather it makes me want to stay at home inside so no money gets spent. I am hoping bill paying at the end of the month will show a big reduction in expenditures


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