Daily check in June 30, 2020

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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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littlemiss63 wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:42 pm
Clem, I don't believe there is any danger in your walking alone or even with a partner as long as you stay 6 ft apart. Trust me it will probably be a whole lot better for you to walk than it will to stay cooped up in the house. It doesn't take long for the depression( and you don't even realize it) to set in. I told my Dr. today that I had to have something to help me get a good nights sleep. He agreed that stress is causing this and he recommended Melatonin Advanced Sleep so I went straight to Walgreens and got me a bottle. It's suppose to help you get back on a sleep pattern and Lord knows I need it.

Two people had on masks in Walgreens, me and the cashier. Honestly, there were 6 people in check - out and not a one had on a mask. They were observing the 6ft rule, but no mask. People I think are just convinced that this is a hoax and they want to prove it. Well, I want be helping them I want this nightmare to be over with and if I can do anything to help I will do it.

So sorry to hear about your relatives. Praying they will recover.
yes - will be walking tomorrow

Our mayor announced a mandatory mask in commercial buildings starting tomorrow. Our numbers went up again today.

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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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floridacatlover wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:04 pm
I just can’t fathom people who think this is a hoax. For what reason? I’ve read that some say it is all a plot to ruin Donald Trump’s economy. Do they think every country in the world is in on the hoax? Do they think the deaths are just numbers and not real? I cannot relate to or understand these type people. If they have a loved one who gets sick will they change their mind? Shaking my head.

I hope the new med allows you to sleep, LittleMiss.
OMG - my high school classmate - the class valedictorian believes in all sorts of conspiracy theories

Strangely, my sisters classmate - also valedictorian is the same way. Is there a connection? lol

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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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Hello all,

Finally got the mowing done, it has just been so hot and until we got some rain the yard was only growing in patches. But it is done now and looks good.

Packaged and froze the freezer jam, I feel so good about having made it for the family.

I got alot done inside during the heat of the day, as it was miserable outside.

When Dd2 got off work i went down to dads house and we have started the packing up and storing of my parents things. It is time... I am donating clothes when the Emmaus reopens and the nic nacs and stuff are being sorted, boxed and some of it is going on ebay. We have a friend who sells and keeps a percentage. I have given the girls everything they want and its time to make it look like DD2's home not a shrine to my parents.

I am still going thru my own things and getting rid of stuff, I do not want to refill the space with stuff from dads house.

Looking for good prices on butter for the freezer stockpile, because of the overall price increases i don't even know what a good price is anymore.


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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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Hi frugals -
Clem and Mackie so sorry to hear about your cousin and brother. They will be in my prayers.

I have had a crappy day. I made the mistake of watching the news this afternoon and I am absolutely disheartened with this virus situation. What is wrong with these people who won't wear masks? I am starting to get really angry. They are assaulting the rest of us. What about someone is so selfish that they won't try to prevent people from getting sick - even themselves. 130,000 people are dead - what is it going to take for them to believe that this is real? I guess it will have to personally effect someone in their direct circle or them to take it seriously. By then millions will be dead. Hope me and mine aren't some of them. Sorry to rant - I am just crazed over these people.

And then did you guys see those two nutty lawyers in St. Louis? Call me odd, but if I saw what I thought was a "dangerous mob" I would have gone in my house, locked the doors and called the police and then got my gun. I sure as shooting wouldn't be out in the yard with a pistol daring them to do something. What a couple of jerks. She was itching to shoot someone.

OK - sorry. I just don't have anyone to vent to and I don't mean to burden you guys with my mood. I know you are as perplexed and aggravated as I am by these idiots.

Per usual - no news here. Hubs picked up drive through Steak and Shake. I was just too down to cook. Other than that nothing going on here. It is super hot. I have been working sporadically at cleaning my bedroom. I did watch a wonderful movie the other night. You all have probably seen it already but I had not even really heard of it. It was called The Art of Racing in the Rain and it is a real tear jerker. The story teller is a dog talking about his life and life of his owner. Warning - if you are a dog lover you will be sobbing at the end - but it was so good.

Well - I will spare you more of my ramblings. Have a great evening all.

Stay well,

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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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jckitty wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:31 pm

Looking for good prices on butter for the freezer stockpile, because of the overall price increases i don't even know what a good price is anymore.

Kitty, I don't know how prices are there or if you even have a Walmart, but our Walmart has their Great Value Salted Butter in a 2 pack for $5.88. That is the best price I have found around here. Kroger Butter is $3.29 each.

Good to see you posting and it's hard to get rid of things that you know your parents loved, but you have to. Mr. B finally got rid of all his late wife's clothes yesterday. It's been 4 years and he just hadn't been able to let them go. I kept telling him, one of these days you are going to decide you want to get rid of them, but only you will know when. People grieve in different ways and that way is the right one for them.

Like somebody else said, they'd like to kick your brother in the behind, I would be the next one in line for a good kick as well. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: Daily check in June 30, 2020

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Good morning beautiful people,

I will be thinking of you all who have direct connections to the virus. It’s certainly not going to go away any time soon! But somehow until it affects you directly it doesn’t seem quite real. I hope and pray for a safe vaccine soon.

Beautiful warm, summery day, in fact became downright hot! I may have overdone my walking today, as it was a total of over six miles. Walked to and back home from treatment and later decided to walk to the pharmacy to pick up Dh’s prescription. I also had a Walmart pickup, so was busy storing away all the food. After a late lunch I just felt beat so sat in the shade on our deck reading a book on my iPad. I even had a cup of coffee just to revive myself and felt much better. Then got dinner prepared without much effort. Dd2 had plans and needed a quick meal so had cereal I believe. Now just relaxing before going to bed. Although not an exciting day, I still have a real sense of contentment. I am very grateful we live where we do in this time of the pandemic. Fortunately still no new cases and all 90 have been resolved except 1, a woman in her 60’s still hospitalized.

Last night had trouble falling to sleep with a far away neighbours fireworks going off. We like to sleep with the windows wide open. But too tired to crawl out of bed to look out the window to enjoy them! All Canada Day celebrations in our city are cancelled for tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re serenaded by the same tonight.


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