Did you chose yor time of retirment?

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by BeckyO »

I fought with health problems for years. I was off for four months at a time on several occasions, but I had worked enough to have paid leave during those times. Finally , in, my fifties I cut my time to , half time, then part time, then 20 hrs a month doing consulting , mostly paper work. Then I couldn't do that anymore.

For two years I simply didn't/couldn't work. One day my doctor said something about my disability. "I'm not on disability." She blew her gasket, "You can't work.. etc" I applied, in my late 50s and got a disability on heart, lungs, and arthritis (That is how Soc Sec Disability put it, LOL) in three months. What a relief.

I had a lot of medical treatments, in and out of hospital, but I think not having the stress of "I really should go/be at work" helped me to regain what health I could. I love being retired, being able to go when I want, stay in bed when I want etc. I also have many interests that keep me occupied and never bored. I think those interest are a necessity, for anyone.

My DH quit one day and came home and told me about it. It was a sudden decision on his part. Not a particularly wise one. He never had any hobbies except watching sports and playing baseball when he was much younger. He was not interested in developing any either. He really was happier working unless I planned activities for us to keep him busy.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by jckitty »

I took early retirement first of August of last year.... best move I have ever made.
I had the boss from Hades and the stress from that job was unbelievable. To this day I wonder when the "Feds" are going to make an appearance at that place.
I am never bored, have so many things that I love to do.

I will say that I never considered it anything more than a "job" certainly not my career. It was a means to an end.
I have always been happiest at home, taking care of family and home....cooking and cleaning.
I have had job offers since quitting but just not interested.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by lennon05 »

I retired two years ago at the age of 49. I worked a little over 25 years and was able to retire from my state agency. It is the best thing that I have ever done. Like others, I like to stay up late and get up when I want to and I am available to do things that I want and need to do.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by ohjodi »

I "retired" a year ago due to disability. It only took four months for SS to approve it. I have "chronic venous insufficiency", basically bad leg veins, I had a vein in each leg closed off, and that's one of a handful of conditions that SS fast-tracks for approval. I did not know that I could get disability so I had continued working for a year before I applied. Every day was horrible. Basically, I have to lay down every few hours and elevate my legs above my heart so my brain can get blood and oxygen. AND I have horrible knees and will need replacement soon.

So I'm 46 and "retired" and I LOVE IT. I can't really travel, or even drive to the "big city" because of my condition (lack of blood oxygen makes me fall asleep anywhere), so that's disappointing.

But I get just enough from SS, $1112/mo, and I get section 8 rent assistance, $176/mo. I also get Medicaid (they're switching me to Medicare in April, and I won't have to pay for that, either) Actually, if I crunch the numbers, I'm doing better financially than when I was working. Being single with no kids also helps, lol.

I don't have money to splash around, of course, but it's wonderful to not have to worry about missing work or getting hours cut, resulting in less in the paycheck for bills. I don't have to worry about medical bills bleeding me dry, either.

I have an old car with 530k miles on it, and insurance is just $28/mo. I don't NEED the car so I'm not worried about it breaking down or how I'd pay for it. That's a big relief. I have plenty of family here in town to drive me around if need be.

I can hang out with my nephews, sleep whenever I want, actually pay attention to movies and books because my brain isn't fried from my customer service and banking jobs. Having a lifetime of a frugal mindset and skills under my belt does really help.

I worked since I was 14 years old, over 30 years, and it already seems like a blur, a lifetime ago.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

I am hoping dh will retire this year, he will be 70. I am looking into the option of retiring this year as well. I will be 62 in the fall. Very interesting to look at all the different view points of retirement. most likely dh and I will both work part time but as we wish, not the 9 to 5 grind! cj

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by kat »

2 yrs ago, my hubby was laid off his job only 2 months til he was could retire with 20 years at his company!!! thought that was crappy. they had held him thru slow times (construction) before because he was a great supervisor/always there thru hurricanes/snow/never took time off, etc, and they had to do that to him - couldnt give HIM the satisfaction of retiring on his own after 20 years to the company! so his timing of retirement wasnt his choosing.

he's driving ME nuts - he's bored! he's already done his "honey do list" for this house, now he doesnt have anything to keep him busy! he doesnt want a job -he couldnt make enough up here, to warrant spending gas money to get to and from work. if it wasnt so far to anywhere, I'D GO TO WORK! :D

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